Lord Chamberlain's Men Presents

A Mid Summer Night's Dream

The Re-incarnation of a Historic Play

This play is presented in a newly modified and more diverse design. Experience the classic play in a different and more exciting era. This act features two men in love fighting over the same woman. Watch how they will battle each other, and who ultimately wins the woman over.

This Friday at North Park Secondary School

Come to room 132 to experience this play with your own eyes!

Do you want to see these characters in action?

Udai Bhullar

Playing Lysander, Udai Bhullar brings an exciting mood to the play, and the team. He is a confident individual who knows what he is doing on stage. He is playing the role of Lysander in Summer Nights Dream, and falls deeply in love with Hermia, and is trying to win Hermia's father over. In the Mean Girls, Udai is playing the role of Gretchen Weiners.

Albert Truong

In this performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Albert Truong stars as Theseus, Duke of Athens, who is arranging his grand wedding to Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. As he manages his affairs he encounters a romantic dispute between four lovers. Albert delivers a tact, and expressive expression that represents Theseus's grandeur. He has previously showed dramatic expertise in performing as extras in Mean Girls, showcasing a talent of setting the atmosphere of the performance with a single appearance.