China's Waste Problem

By Levi Peachey-Stoner

Background Information

All living things need water to survive. Most of earths surface is covered in water, but that does not mean that we have enough freshwater if we continue using as much as we are. Most of earths water is salt water, you can’t drink salt water because it will cause a major chemical imbalance in the body causing dehydration and possibly death. plus most of the fresh water that exists on earth is locked-up in glaciers and ice caps. The larger the population the larger the need for water and products that use water. earths water supplies will not last forever we need to learn how to use the water more effectively or we will run out of clean water. Many harmful chemicals are getting in water sources this can kill fish, plants, and even humans. The continued practice of burning fossil fuels will result in acid rain, smog, and water. Weather patterns are changing too, there are larger storms and larger droughts because of climate change and the water crisis. These droughts have casted many lives human and animal. Water is the foundation of life without it we could not survive. That is why we need to do something about the water crisis of china and the world.

The Problem and its Causes

There is lots of waste that finds its resting place in china. That waste is not handles very well in china and ends up in stinky dumps and landfills. The waste isn't just in the ground and water, it gets into the sky causing air pollution. The pollution can kill fish and animals and is harmful to humans.

Effects and Impacts

There are not many people that know how to process the waste in china making the facilities were the waste is recycled inefficient and unsafe. There are lots of junk piles and dumps in towns that are not or should not be up to code. The toxic metals and chemicals are seeping into the ground being released into the water and atmosphere.
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A child and some waste gathered for recycling is shown above. e E-lots of recycling facilities are little more than a dump with people sorting the trash.

Some Possible Sulutions

Some possible solutions... Burning excess food and other flammable waste. The problems with this solution are air pollution and some things don't burn. More efficiently process and recycle waste. The problem with this solution is it is difficult and complicated.
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A graph explaining what Electronic waste is made up of.


United Nations University

If trash was gold China would be very rich