Emotional Balancing

Get off the Rollercoaster... through Mindset Therapy

Ever feel like life is a never ending ride of ups and downs?

I was on the rollercoaster up until last year, I honestly thought that that was what life was all about. Just getting through the day, and wishing for a happy future - chasing as many highs as I could get with short term satisfaction hits.

Then I found out something amazing... I am in total control of my thoughts!

But, just knowing that isn't enough... you kind of need a mind re-boot. Like cleaning up all the old programs on your computer that you don't need so you can be clear minded and focus on what you want in your life with more energy. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is perfect for this, I help clients that are ready to change now and have seen amazing results and feedback from the breakthrough session.
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About Melissa

Melissa Hiemann NLPP. C.HT TLTP ADV. DIP INT BUS is the founder of the MKH Empowerment Company. Her private practice has been created to have a confidential life changing breakthrough session experience, with follow-ups if required. She is very personable and tailors the session to each client’s needs. Using results based Therapy, she is equipped to deal with any problems that are negatively impacting your life (such as depression, anxiety or traumatic past events), and give you the tools to move forward positively in all area’s of life.

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