Internet Safety

Watch out!

Password Safety

Is it a good idea to change your password frequently? In my opinion it is a bad idea to change your password frequently because you will end up making bad passwords (passwordjan) for example. You should probably change your passwords every year or so though. It is a good idea to have a password saver and have a different password for every website. Don't share your password with anyone.
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Who should know your Pa$$w0rd

Who should know my password? Nobody should know your password but you and your parent or guardian. Your password should be secure and should be known by few people.
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You got hacked!

If a cyber-thief gets a hand on your information the first thing you need to do is cancel the account. Then you need to tell some kind of company about your problem.
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Avoid Viruses

Your computer has a firewall that will block some viruses so make sure you have it on. The firewall won't block all viruses though.You would want to install an anti-virus software that if it is kept updated will block out most other viruses.
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Screen Name

When creating screen names or usernames don't use personal information. Don't use names/pets/relatives.
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When posting photos ask your parents before posting. Make sure that you are ok with what you post, because everything you post today sends a message to the future about who you really are.
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Online Friends

Don't go and meet an online friend without your parents permission. Sometimes people pretend to be someone they aren't.
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Talking in all caps isn't the best of ideas because it can me you are shouting and some people may take that as offensive. It's best to use proper capitalization and punctuation while chatting online.

Age Limits

Many Social Media Sites have minimum age requirements. Those are there to protect you so don't try to bypass them and LIE about your age.


Never download any type of software of anything like that before talking to a parents for permission. The software could contain a virus. Then your computer could crash and blow up. Then you wouldn't have a computer, you wouldn't want that to happen now would you.