What dont Women have?

By: Kara Cope


They make you think that you'll be the first to have it. And you do what? You buy it because you want to be noticed or heard or something like that.

Coca-Cola Bear

are you tired of Women having EVERYTHING? Well now its your turn men. Sure its fluffy but with a little tearing up and messing around its the ultimate bear! Cant get it no where else. And its now just 99 cents! Get the bear first and be the man on the block. Why let your wife steal your thunder?

Rhetorical Triangle

Speaker: Walmart

Audience: Men who want to be manly

Purpose: To get people to get there new priced item

Rhetorical Triangle Questions

Who would be most likely to buy this product? Men who are tired of being second to their wifes.

What kind of person would be most persuaded by the headline you created? People who have wives who always have everything and now they want to be the first to get something cool.