One For All!

What is a Dictatorship?

The government that is controlled and dictated by one person and one person only.

My Reasons

I am In favor for a dictatorship because this type of government has only one person in charge and if that person was me, I could have and/or do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. The dictator would be at the top of the stacks and he would make all of the laws and he could tell anyone to do anything and they would have to do it and if they didn't, the dictator could punish them whatever they wanted.

Laws In a Dictatorship

The laws in a dictatorship are made and decided by the dictator. He comes up with the laws and passes them. Whatever the dictator wants to do with his country is what happens.


Citizens have no rights and they cannot vote.

The Head

The head of a dictatorship is one person and he or she has all the power in the whole country. Dictators self impose themselves and they are usually resigned military officers.

Some Great Example Countries

Iran-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Cuba-Raul Castro

Sudan-Omar al-Bashir

North Korea-Kim Jong-un

China-Hu Jintao

Zimbabwe-Robert Mugabe

Saudi Arabia-Abdullah