Friday Review

Friday, April 20 2018

Thoughts from Mrs. Lewis....

To make the Friday Review more streamlined, SIT decided to have grade level, department, and content specific links so you can read just what you need to read!

General Reminders

  • Registration is open for the 14th Annual FUNd Run-4-Life on Saturday, April 28 on Main Street. T-shirts are given to each participant. Scholarships are for public school students only
  • There are two additional games we need help with! Soccer at Home vs. Rockingham on Tuesday, April 24 and BB/SB at Home vs. West Hoke on Wednesday, April 25. If you are able to work, please sign up on the Teacher's Lounge door. We appreciate you!
  • We need help getting proctors...Do you know of anyone that could help? Churches? Businesses? Family? Please see Mr. Dunham.
  • EC Smore:
  • Our current attendance rate for the year is at 96%. The month of February was our lowest attendance rate of the year at 90%. Our goal this year is 97%. We need you here! Please let me know how I can support you in helping us meet our attendance goal.
  • If you are not on salary installments, you will be seeing double deductions in April and May for health, dental and vision and in your last paycheck in May. If want to be on installments next year, please fill out form on the SCS website by July 31.

  • ATTENTION: Please do not send school-wide emails without administrator approval. This includes game changes, plate sales, general announcements, etc.
  • REPORT CARDS - In reviewing student report cards, there are class after class that doesn't have a comment. Please know that comments are an expectation to provide parents feedback, good or bad.
  • It is that time of year to begin thinking about the 2018-19 school year. We will vote on our SIT Reps SOON and there will be a SIT transition meeting on May 15th for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 SIT Teams. Mark your calendar. Grade level chairs submit SIT nominations by April 13th.
  • Please welcome Mrs. Rachelle Baldwin who will be helping with Math Tutoring to our family. Mrs. Baldwin taught at Spring Hill for many years and is returning in preparation for EOGs.
  • Please announce to students: Fighting or any negative disruption to a "fun" assembly will result in those students NOT participating in "fun" assemblies for the remainder of the semester. Please know Tristan Durden and Bryan Williams (7th Graders) are ineligible to attend fun assemblies for the remainder of the year.
  • Please know that parent phone calls should not still be coming in about Powerschool not being updated. It is a district and school expectation that Powerschool is updated weekly. Also, be sure that you are making phone calls to keep parents updated about their child’s grades and returning work so that students have timely feedback.
  • April 26 – Mark your calendars – We will host an EOG Parent Fair beginning at 6:30.
  • Staff Mark your Calendars (Required) - TECHCON 2018 will be on May 11 from 1p-4p This will be a half day PD specifically designed to share user DTL strategies for end-of-year review.
  • Rising 6th graders visit middle schools, April 24
  • See Something Say Something PSA - Google video:; See Something Say Something PSA - YouTube:
  • CTE Newsletter: See our students in action!
  • If students communicate suicidal or homicidal intentions to you, your FIRST point of contact should be an administrator IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT email administration. Call for them in the front office and inform staff that it is an emergency.
  • Teachers, mark your calendars! We will need you for remediating and re-testing at the end of the year. Please make plans to be available to help out. We usually see HUGE gains in proficiency with strategic planning!!! (After EOGs and on the work days for retesting)
  • The proposed EOY Testing Dates (Any feedback should be sent to Mrs. Lewis by Wed., March 13th)- Science 8 EOG: Friday, 5/25; Middle School NCFEs (Social Studies or Science): Tuesday, 5/29; 6-8 Reading EOG: Wednesday, 5/30; 6-8 Math EOG/MS Math I: Thursday, 5/31; Middle School NCFEs (Social Studies or Science): Friday, 6/1
  • Staff, we are headed into the home stretch. It is important that we tighten up on discipline and hold the fort down. Spring and the end of year is coming.

  • Make sure to notify administration or Mrs. Fehlman when you suspect child abuse or neglect. See the agreement between SCS and DSS here:

  • IT is an expectation that planning takes place each week and that all teachers are present and all time. Even if you are 2 weeks ahead, planning should take place each week for the entire time.

  • Are you calling parents??? Make sure you are calling parents regarding attendance concerns (and document such). When we go to court, it helps when we can show ALL the contacts that have been made from the school (not just from PowerSchool letters and Social Worker contacts) (From Cabinet)]

April 2018

Friday, April 20-21: 8th Grade Band to Williamsburg, VA

Sunday, April 22-Tuesday, April 24: TSA State Competition, Greensboro, NC

April 22-28: Administrative Professionals Week

Monday, April 23: BB/SB @ Ellerbe

Tuesday, April 24: Soccer Home vs. Rockingham

Tuesday, April 24: Rising 6th Graders Visit Spring Hill

Wednesday, April 25: Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 25: BB/SB @ Home vs. W. Hoke

Thursday, April 26: Parent Picnic Night/Rising 6th Grade Registration Parent Night

Friday, April 27: TLC (20 scans)

Friday, April 27: Clubs

Saturday, April 28: 7th Grade Band to Carowinds

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