Grade 1 BMS

Biweekly Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry Content - Where We Are in Place and Time

- Sequencing events

- Future inventions

- Memory artifact share

- Interpreting baby fact file information

- Interviewing an elder - comparing past and present

- Family trees

* The students are invited to bring to class their Sprachlerntagebücher (language development journal), otherwise known as the green book. If your child did not attend a German Kita they can bring in a portfolio from their kindergarten and preschool years if they have one.

Language Content

- Phase 3 sounds and high frequency words

- Reading focus - connecting stories to personal experiences

- Writing holiday recount - sequencing events

- Nouns and adjectives

- Viewing and presenting - family trees

- Listening and speaking - artifact share, family member interview

Math Content

- Decomposing/composing numbers

- Number lines

- Connection between addition and subtraction

- Euro coins

- Non-standard measurement

- 2d shapes

- Tally marks and graphs

- Events associated with days of the week

German Content

- Reading and writing winter words
- Writing about the Christmas break
- Writing about our New Year's resolutions
- Continuous practice of "Kopfwörter"


- Creating firework skies using oil pastels and gouache

Ways To Help At Home

- Revise alphabet sounds and names

- Practice reading phase 2 and 3 high frequency words

- Discuss stories and how they connect to personal experiences

- Discuss nouns and adjectives

- Discuss the features and values of Euro coins

- Discuss events which happen on different days of the week

- Discuss why play fighting is not a safe activity at school

Helpful Information and Reminders

- The school counsellor has been working closely with the grade 1 teachers and she has started visiting each class to help develop the students understanding about feelings, empathy, tolerance and how ones words and actions can effect others.

- Once class has started at 8:30am, please say goodbye to your child outside of the classroom before they open the classroom door, so as not to disrupt class. The children are familiar with the morning routine if they are late, where they are expected to quietly change their reader before quickly joining the class in the morning circle.

- The students are only to change their reading level if advised by their classroom teacher as their teacher has assessments that indicate the children's best level to develop their reading. The children can speak to their teacher if they have read all of the books in their level as they can be swapped with another grade 1 class.

- Please bring pre-cut cakes for birthdays as knives are not readily available. Cup cakes or muffins are a great option for the classroom and serviettes are also useful.