The Australian Gold Rush

By Trinity


Gold is found in rocks and when you dig into the ground you will find gold in there to.

People came from all over the world to look for 'GOLD' in Australia.

It was called the 'GOLD RUSH'

It was a very hard life digging for gold.

Some people became rich but lots of the people

that had a hard life digging did not.

Gold in California and Australia

In 1851,

During the time that there was a gold rush in California , a gold rush had began in Australia. The gold rush in California was mainly in the form of a very fine grains that were called the gold dust.

However in Australia it was not unusual for the gold nuggets, some very large, were to be found.

The Australian gold rush begins

Small amounts of the gold was found in NSW in the early days of the colony , however the authorities hush it up, but, in February 1851 a man that was named Hargraves found gold in the near Bathurst, and word quickly spread.

Within a week there were over 400 people digging for gold , and by the June there were 2000 people digging for gold.

The largest Australian nuggets

In October 1872 HOITERMANN'S NUGGETS was found. At the time it was the world's largest specimen of reef gold.

It weighed 286 Kg and it measured 150cm by 66cm.