Fitness Components

Zachary Hooper, 4A FFL Warren

Cardiovascular Endurance

The ability of the circulatory system to supply oxygen to working muscles during exercise.
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Cardiovascular Endurance allows this man to continue running after an extended period of time.

Muscular Strength

The amount of force that can be produced by a single contraction of a muscle.
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Muscular strength allows this fireman to carry the 28' ground ladder by himself.

Muscular Endurance

The ability of a muscle group to continue muscle movement over a length of time.
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Muscular Endurance allows firefighters to conduct strenuous operations, such as ventilation, over extended periods of time.


The range of movement possible at various joints.

Body Composition

The relative percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass (muscle, bone, water, et cetera).


The ability to move quickly from one point to another in a straight line.
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Speed allows this cyclist to move fast.


The ability of the body to change direction quickly.
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Agility helps these people to zig-zag between these obstacles.


The ability to maintain an upright posture while still or moving.


Integration with hand and/or foot movements with the input of the senses.
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Good coordination allows these football players to complete this obstacle without difficulty.

Reaction Time

The time it takes to react and move once you realize the need to move.
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Runners such as these need a good reaction time to react to the signal to begin the race.