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Exhibition: Propaganda of WWI

Propaganda has many purposes but paramount is its use to promote war and bolster a united home front. Battle often brings out the worst in humanity yet it can also bring out our best when people unite to defend their country, their families and their way of life from an opposing force who seeks their destruction. The same can be said about wartime propaganda – at worst it’s blatantly offensive, at best it can rally hearts and minds to a common cause. (Adapted from- Pugnacious Propaganda: 15 Images of The Art of War)

8th Grade Propaganda Art Show

Monday, March 11th 2013 at 8am-2:30pm

300 Columbus Ave

Valhalla, NY

Art Gallery Conveniently Located at the End of the 8th Grade Hallway!

Cheese and Crackers Served!

The Gallery will be on display the entire day. You can vote anytime by clicking the link below, or by scanning any of the QR codes hung up in the Propaganda Art Gallery. Cheese, Crackers and Cider will be served periods A, B, C, F, and H.