Middle Colonies


You don't here much about Delaware because there is not a lot about Delaware. It was founded by Lord De La Warr which in case you can't figure it out is where Delaware got its name from. He was a harsh military Governor back in Virginia in 1610 and is resonpsible for much of the trouble that was caused between the Powhatan Indians and the settlers.

New York

New York or also known as New Amsterdam was founded by Henry Hudson. There is not a lot about New York it was a mixed farming colony and did a lot of fur trade and far more importing then exporting. Henry Hudson tries his hardest to find the west passage which in all actuality never really existed.

New Jersey

There is not a lot about New Jersey in was mixed farming colony. New Jersey was considered to be the sewer of New York or the place were all the unwanted trash ended up.


Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn well was more or less given to him by him the kind for a repayment to family debt. They were a very liberal colony and were very strong in there Quaker beliefs but also embraced all other beliefs except for Jews and the people who did believe in Christ period. They also embraced the Indians with open arms and were very nice and respectful to them. They did not have many laws and they were very harsh on there punishments either. The only two punishments that could be by death were treason and murder.