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Can Vitamins and Coffee Affect Miscarriage Risk?


Alice Park published this article on March 29th, 2016 in TIME magazine. She talks about the relation between miscarriage and vitamins and coffee. She refers to a study done in Fertility and Sterility regarding this information. There were 344 couples who were pregnant that self monitored their intake of coffee and vitamins, as well as alcohol and tobacco. This study showed that if the mother takes vitamins while pregnant, she can actually cut the chances in half of having a miscarriage. Park talked about how the results also showed that if either spouse has more than two cups of coffee a day it can affect the risk of miscarriage. All in all, the scientific study is reflected in Park’s article, which summarizes to take vitamins and limit coffee intake while pregnant to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

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Overall, this article isn’t necessarily reliable along with the study that Park gets the information from. Lets start with the study that the article mainly focuses on. The study done in Fertility and Sterility is described to the tee by Park. It was published in March of 2016 by seven doctors, the one that Park mentions is Sapra. The leaders of this study are reliable due to their background and degrees. However, the study had plenty of room for bias and error. The doctors gathered 344 couples that were already pregnant to participate. They tracked their pregnancy with at home pregnancy tests and recorded their progress in their own journal. In addition, they would record their alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and vitamin intake alongside their test results. This right here creates room for error. No one is monitoring them and recording their intakes, therefore, the couples could alter their results based off of what they think they should be doing or if forget what they had that day then they fail to record it. When looking at the relation between caffeine and miscarriage they came to the conclusion that two or more cups a coffee a day can affect miscarriage, but what about the age of these participants? Age and lifestyle can affect miscarriage along with many other factors that these doctors did not keep constant in this study. Considering this, the results were most likely inaccurate and swayed. The fact that Park chooses to use this study as her main source of information technically makes her article unreliable. Many other reliable sources such as American Journal of Epidemiology, About Health, and multiple pregnancy sites prove the connection between vitamins and miscarriages true. However, if coffee affects miscarriages is still in question. The author of this article Alice Park doesn’t have any credentials or degrees listed by her name so as the reader you aren’t quite sure if she’s someone who knows nothing about this information or if her career is primarily about this information. Therefore, you have to believe that she is not reliable to be presenting this information to the public. If you are looking for reliable information regarding the connection between vitamins and coffee and miscarriages, I suggest you talk to an Ob-Gyn. Typically, they have the most recent and accurate information regarding the “do’s” and “do not’s” in pregnancy.

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