May 2-5, 2016

Reading, Math, Writing and Science


-Our field trip to Patterson Farm was a success! Students learned about how we get our food (fruits from orchards, vegetables from gardens) and where animals live on a farm.

-Reading 3D end of the year assessments are coming up. Practice, Practice, Practice reading everyday!

-Work on Nonsense Word Fluency (ex. jib, giv, miv, mev, mav). You can make up any nonsense word by using the following CVC pattern: first letter is a consonant, second letter is a vowel (a,e,i,o,u). The sound is short (a=apple, e=egg, i=igloo, o=October, u=umbrella.

-Work on comprehension questions:

Who is the main character?

What is your story about?

Where does your story take place?

When does your story take place?

Why is the problem happening?

-May 4th: Progress Reports go home with Students. Wow! We are half-way through the end of the year!

What are we learning this week?


L.K.1b Use frequently occurring nouns and verbs.

I can identify nouns and verbs.

Monday: We are working on Beginning, Middle and End.

Tuesday: We are working on Main Idea. (Main Idea=What is your story all about?)

Wednesday: Beginning Middle End

Thursday: Main Idea

Friday: Beginning Middle End

When students are reading, we are going to be working on Beginning, Middle and End comprehension strategies and identifying the Main Idea.


We are studying all math standards this week.

I can review my math standards.

Practice IXL and MobyMax at home if you can.


K.L.1.1 Compare different types of the same animal.

I can compare different types of the same animal.

We are going to be studying different types of birds this week.