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With Ms. Ramsey 09-16-16



The students had a very challenging time with Chapter 2. As a class, our average was lower than I hoped on the test on Monday. I thought giving the test Monday was a bad idea after seeing the results, so I gave the students the same test again on Wednesday. However, scores didn't improve, so this told me the students need more time, practice, and remediation with this chapter. The really mixed up factors and multiples and the vocabulary affiliated. In public school, finding the GCF and LCM are a 6th grade standard as per common core.

We went through each question of the test and discussed why students may have missed it. Many of the problems were reading comprehension issues, while others were mathematics issues. They were glossing over important words such as "sum." I had the students complete their reflection sheet. You can find this reflection sheet in their take-home folder this afternoon. Many students did not want their parents to see their score. To relieve their anxiety, I told them they could toss it in the trash and disregard the grade because would spend plenty of time reviewing these skills.

I have put together an OPTIONAL practice Homework Packet for them to complete before the test. I will create this test to be very similar. I will change the numbers within the problems.


Chapter 2: Estimation and Number Theory


2.1 – Estimation ( Rounding and Front End Estimation)

2.2 – Factors (GCF)

2.3 – Multiples (LCM)

Estimate, reasonable, front-end estimation, rounding, product, quotient, factor, common factor, greatest common factor (GCF), prime number, composite number, whole number, multiple, common multiple, least common multiple (LCM), consecutive whole numbers

Please use the resources below!

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Multiples and Factors

What are we Learning Next???

Chapter 3: Whole Number Multiplication and Division

Vocabulary: Round, estimate, product, regroup, quotient, remainder


3.1 – Multiplying by a 1-Digit Number

3.1a—Multiply using Area Models

3.2 – Multiplying by a 2-Digit Number

3.3 – Modeling Division with Regrouping

3.4 – Dividing by a 1-Digit Number

3.5 – Real-World Problems: Multiplication & Division

3.5a –Problem solving


This is an additional resource for your child to use at home! I am in the process of making all the assignments on Study Island for the year! At the beginning of every month, I will activate new assignments I have created. The assignments will close at the end of the month.


Your login is the same as FSA connect, and you should be able to accesss it rom the FSA connect page. If you have any issues, please email Mr. Turan at nturan@fultonscienceacademy.org


If you look at the table below, the red is the hardest multiplication facts for students to remember. third grade is the pivotal year to memorize multiplication facts. If your child does not know their single digit multiplication facts (0- 9) , they will have a hard time with multi-step problems. We will continue to work on these through Mad Minute in class, but I suggest practicing them in the car :)
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