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Raphael was born on April 6th, 1483 in Urbino, Italy, and died on the same day in 1520 in Rome, Italy. As he was growing up, his father, a skilled painter, taught him many techniques so he could follow in his footsteps. After his father's death, Raphael spent many years of his life in the city of Florence creating his works of art, including commisioned pieces like chapel celings. Before 1500 he joined the workshop of Perguino, where he took in the style of Perguino's pieces and personalized them. A few of his works during the time were "Mond Crucifixion" (1502/1503) and "The Marrige of the Virgin" (1504).
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"Portrait of a Cardinal"

This painting was done by Raphael in c.1517. This piece can most likely be found on all sorts of art resources (books, websites, etc.) as well as in a museum. This piece is a very detailed and accurate representation of shadin of the human face and clothes as well as structure, contrary to some older styles of portraits. This could be considered humanism because the portrait is focusing more on the structure and complection of the human features rather then plainly portraying the scene. This piece is one of those that revolutionized new ideas brought up in the renaissance. This piece also brings out individualism since it is a detailed portrait of only one man, who may not be the most special out of them all but still gets his own painting. There is no special backround or scene, it is just the man in the picture, which expresses his individual character.


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