Chloe Luksiak

Former Star of Dance Moms

fun facts out of dance

Chloe hates pizza,Chloe used to have braces,Chloe's favorite artist for music are Taylor swift,Selena Gomez, Katy perry, and Lady Gaga. Chloe's Favorite T.V. shows are Friends and Pretty little Liers. Chloe's favorite subjects is Math and Language Arts.

Chloe's Dance life

Chloe's Dance Mom's life

Chloe became famous for being in Dance Mom's with Abby Lee Miller. Chloe dose Jazz, Lyrical dance,contemporary dance and pointe. She earned top pyramid honors 5 times in 3 seasons of dance moms. She started taking dance lessons when she was 2 years old. Chloe danced with Abby Lee Miller from ages 4 to 13. Chloe competed through the united states as part of Abby Lee Miller company.

Chole's life outside of dance

Chloe has a wonderful time with Dance but.... do you really know what her life is out of dance. Chloe was born on May,25,2001 with her Parents Christi and Marc Luksiak then on August 17,2009 chloe's sister came along. Chloe is now 14 and Clara is 6. Chloe's Home is in Churchill,PA. Chloe is in 9th Grade