The Texas Regions

By: Madison, Teresa, Alan, and Abbie

The 4 Regions

Coastal Plains-
  • wettest region
  • prone to drought
  • summers are hot and humid
  • winters are mild; cold and rainy
  • hotspot for hurricanes during the summer
  • has short grass that is perfect for grazing cattle
Central Plains-
  • Hot during Summer, and Cold during Winter
  • Prone to drought; very dry
  • Part of Tornado Alley
  • Mostly rural grasslands and small towns
  • Cross timber areas full of hardwood trees
  • Many kinds of crops grow here
Great Plains-
  • Pretty dang dry

  • Most common weather issues: drought and dust

  • Scorching hot summers

  • Freezing Winters

  • lots of deserts, plateaus, and canyons

  • Virtually flat

  • Has short prairie grass or no grass at all

Mountains and Basins-

  • Driest region

  • gets about 8 inches of rain per year

  • flat parts are deserts

  • mountains get plenty of rain

  • typically very hot

  • not much vegetation

  • farmer grow cotton, fruits, and vegetables

  • about 150 mountains

Major Cities in Texas

  • Houston
  • Austin (State Capital)
  • San Antonio
  • Fort Worth
  • El paso
  • Corpus Christi
  • Arlington
  • Plano
  • Laredo
  • Brownsville

Major Rivers in Texas

  • Rio Grande
  • Sabine River
  • Colorado River
  • Red River
  • Gulf of Mexico

Tourist Attractions

There many tourists attractions in Texas, even some right here in McKinney. Here are some.

Bonnie Wenk park

Herd Wildlife Sanctuary

and there are many more just because Texas is such a great place.

How was Texas socially developed by former disasters

Texas has socially developed a lot by former disasters. An example of this is the seawall, if the Galveston Hurricane never happened the seawall would never have been built, and without the seawall many more hurricanes could have happened and destroyed Texas.

Texas Background

Basically, Texas is an unpredictable State, with high and dry in the North-West, and low and moist in the South-East. Texas, and it's citizens have built their communities around their regions. Like in the Coastal plains, people have beaches and a lot of cows. In the Great plains, technology has advanced, and it's flat with is 'Great' for building. The Mountains and Basin region is a tricky one, but people have taken the high mountains to their advantage by putting scientific telescopes to study the stars. The Central plains is a place where weather is unpredictable, which can be ideal for growing crops.