domestic violence

by: Janice Carrasco

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence affects many people including men, women, and children.Domestic violence can take a number of forms including Physical, Emotional, Verbal, and Sexual Abuse. "Disobeying" a husband can often result in violence.


Children Witnessing violence, has been associated with emotional, behavior, and learning problems. Eighteen percent of the women experience domestic violence during their last pregnancy.Births among mothers who had experienced domestic violence had risks for perinatal and neonatal mortality.For both men and women, physical abuse, was associated with increased risk of current poor health; depressive symptoms; substance use; and developing a chronic disease, chronic mental illness, and injury.

Fixing the problem

We always have time to fix it but some people don't care anymore because it is not our business or they think it wont happen to them. Well it CAN happen to anyone. And the "political" reason is that men own women since they are stronger, or simply because of their religion. And others will think "well they are women and they can hit guys". NO no one owns no one! And we can't do anything about it because of the obstacles that we can face. Like fear, and the lack of education (kind of like what I said before.) We can tell people being abused that they are not the only ones and we can help!

There is a website with a phone number and more information.