The Muscular Musketeers

elad and zale

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How The Musculer System Works

1. your muscles connect with your biceps.

2.your muscles help move your bones.

3.your muscles protect your bones.

4.your muscles,tendons and ligaments help each other or in other words they can be found working together.

5.your cells work together to make muscles.

diagram of an arm.

how the muscles in the musketeers body work

1.your nervous system controls your muscles movement.

2.your muscles can't move without your nervous system.

3.smooth muscles surround your intestines and other stuff in your digestive system.

4.muscle tissues surround your organs from other systems.

5.your muscles control the temperature in your body.

6.pretty much your muscular system is involved with almost all your systems in your body.

The stuff that can go wrong with your muscles

1.your muscle tissues can tear.

2.this can give you pain in your muscles.

3.your muscles can get pulled from being stretched out to much.

4.this can also result in pain.

Muscular System - Our Muscles - Human Body Video for Kids

cool facts from the video

1.everyone has the same amount of muscles

2.everyone has 600 muscles

3.there are three kinds of muscles:

1.smooth muscles

2.cardiac muscles

3.and skeletal muscles. as you can see there are a ton of different muscles in your body.