Wanted: Lucky Luciano

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Information on Luciano

Lucky Luciano began his rise in 1920 working for a gambler. He was a bootlegger and later became involved with gambling. He was one of the top 10 gangsters ever. Towards the end of his life, he was wanted in New York City. There was no bounty placed on his head, but he was worth $12 million. In July of 1936, Luciano was sentenced to 30+ years in prison. He had 3 men killed to take over a gang. He was arrested 25 times for many crimes which included robbery.
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Overview of his life

Luciano began his career in 1920 working with a gambler. He became a major bootlegger in the time of prohibition. He soon rose to power and took over as the top boss. He enjoyed the finer things in life and was very successful in his business of crime. He was arrested many times, killed several people, and committed his fair share of crimes during his time. He spent his last days in Naples and was buried in the United States. Though he died, his criminal empire lives on with the family.