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Tudor and Colonial Revival

Tudor Home for Sale

This Tudor home is very romantic. It has bay windows that look very good. The Tudor home also has a lot of gables that help with the romantic look. The home is made up of a mixture of materials.

More about the Tudor

This particular Tudor home has all the bells and whistles. It is a home that will meet the needs of anyone. It has lots of triangular wall segments. The Tudor home is also made of a mixture of materials including, wood, stone, and stucco.

Colonial Revival Home for Sale

Some of the features are that it has low roofs and a classical doorway. With the overlapping wood, it makes a great addition to the beauty of this house.

More about the Colonial Revival

This Colonial Revival home has a lot going on, but that is the best part. This home shows authority. This particular house is perfect for a family. The home is very big and could suffice for all of a family's needs.