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October 26th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

On Friday, November 2nd we will hold our first Parent Teacher Conference of the school year. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with teachers and learn more about how your children are doing at CDS. Teachers will help you to have a better understanding of your child's needs so we can work together to support them this school year. I hope to see all of you here next Friday!

Our Student Council members continue to busily prepare for the annual CDS Middle School Halloween Party. As you may know, this is one of the biggest student led events of the school year and we're all very excited. The party will begin at 4:00pm (directly after school) and will continue until 8:45pm. Students are encouraged to wear costumes to school on Wednesday!

In closing, I want to congratulate all the MS Athletic teams who've finished their seasons over the last few weeks. These kids have worked very hard, showed significant growth, and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Many thanks to their coaches for guiding them along the way.

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

Parent Information Session on MAP Testing

Thank you for showing up to Parent Information Session #2. I hope the session was useful for you, and that you left knowing more about how we use MAP testing to help each student reach their potential. I've included the slide presentation below for parents who were not able to attend.

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Questions to Ask Your Child's Teachers During Parent Teacher Conference

Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) is coming up on Nov 2nd from 9:00AM - 4:00PM.

Click here to book a meeting with your child's teachers

  • How well does my child manage his time?

  • What can I do at home and school to help my child build on strengths and improve weaknesses?

  • Is there any concern about learning or behavior problems that I should know about? If so, what has been tried to help my child?

  • How does my child get along with others? Adults? Children?

  • How is my child doing while working in groups?

  • What can my child do to succeed in your class?

  • Is my child putting in his/her best effort in your class?

  • What is the best way for me to reach you?

  • What are some opportunities for me to become involved at school?

  • Can we talk more about your homework policy and how my child is doing with homework?


The Importance of Attending Parent Teacher Conferences

Great Questions for Your Parent Teacher Conference

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<This week, Around CDS MS>

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5th Graders help out AP English students in the high school

The 5th graders recently had the opportunity to act as the audience for Ms. Maguire's AP English students' tutoring company advertisements. The AP English students first met with both the ELA5A and 5B classes in order to gather information regarding the academic and social values and interests of the 5th graders.

After a week's worth of brainstorming, creating, and revising, the AP students had produced their tutoring company's advertisements and were prepared for the ELA5A and 5B students to vote for the best/ most persuasive advertisement, in their humble opinions. And that they did - after very careful consideration, of course!

Not only was this a great opportunity for the 5th graders to work and interact with some of the most advanced English students in the school, but it gave them a chance to reflect on what they truly value, or don't value, as students of English.

-Mr. Cavasin

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Music with Ms. Van Liew

As we kick off Term 2, the 7th graders were introduced to the new unit of study. We will be exploring Music and Social Justice. This week, we looked at examples throughout history of music being used to send a message of sparking social change. One piece we looked at was, "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round". This song was sung during the civil rights movement (mid-1960s) in the United States. African Americans were taking a stance to receive their rights and they were not going to let anything or anybody stop them.

The 7th graders then thought of something that is not going to stop them in their life and future. Take a look at the examples pictured below! As we continue this term, each 7th grade class will choose a social issue that they want to raise awareness about. Then, in small groups, students will create/perform a song, dance, or skit that relates to the topic. We will tie all the small group performances together into one full class performance!

- Ms. Van Liew

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Science with Mr. Keel

Since the beginning of Term 2 we have been in the midst of a project-based lab where the students create their own laboratory experiments. They were given a velocity sensor and allowed to use any materials they wanted to design a truly original lab experiment that aligns with our curriculum.

They were responsible for all elements of lab creation including research, testing materials and different lab set-ups, identifying variables, developing the experiment procedure, and creating a user friendly format for the lab itself. Students will be carrying out their self-made labs tomorrow (Friday) in class and judging from the work they put in, they will be amazing experiments!

- Mr. Keel

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5A Long House with Ms. Montelibano & Mr. Biarje

This week in Long House, the 5th graders came together as a group to talk about patience. They took a "Patience Test" where they were instructed to read everything on their paper before starting. Numbers 1-9 asked students to do funny things such as, "howl like a wolf" or "yell, 'nacho cheese' ten times". Number 10 of the test instructed students not to do anything, and they had passed the test because they had read through all of the instructions first.

We had a lot of students who were impatient and started doing funny things right away and a few students who had followed all of the instructions. We talked about the value of patience and the consequences you could face if you do not practice patience. We also discussed strategies for being patient at school, with friends and family, as well as in the community.

- Ms. Montelibano

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Science Explorers' Club with Mr. Howell - Solar Powered Boats

This week the Science Explorers’ Club worked hard to construct little solar powered boats. It was an exciting, but tedious process of reading instruction manuals and fitting parts together in the correct order. Students were challenged to utilize their critical thinking skills in order to complete the task successfully.

After constructing our boats we traveled down to the nearby canal to test them out. Luckily it was a sunny day with clear skies, which meant plenty of solar energy to power our boats. The boats turned out to work fairly well with only a few minor issues.

Overall it was a great experience for students to put their scientific minds to work and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

- Mr. Howell

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Siyoon Practicing Patience

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< MS Athletics >

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X-Country Season Wrap up

The CDS runners had a fantastic end to their season on Saturday, racing at KIS in the girls 3K and the boys 3K race. The runners were coming off of a difficult week, having ran the Friday and Saturday before, in addition to a mid-week race in Lake Park. However, those tired legs didn't show up, as both 3K races were won by Dalton runners!

For the boys, Eddie Koh finished the 3K with a time of 12:56--the fastest 3K time for the year and by far the fastest time at the KIS race. During the 3K race for the girls the CDS top runner, Yerin Shin, got a little turned around, but still managed to backtrack and come in first with a time of 17:10!

Almost everyone set a personal best time during this last week of cross country, and Coach Menzel and Koetje couldn't be any happier with the results. Now, the runners will rest up, relax, and start getting ready for next season. Way to go runners!

-Coach Menzel & Koetje

Girls Soccer Season Wrap up Dinner

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Upcoming Events

10/27 - Boys Soccer @YISS

10/27 - Badminton @CDS

10/31 - MS Halloween Party

11/2 - Parent Teacher Conferences

11/3 - Swimming @SIS

11/5 - Macbeth Performance 1:25 - 4:00pm