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Week of January 26th

Grobe's Corner

We are on a roll and working so hard! I am very proud of everyone's commitment to learning!

This week we continued our poetry unit by inferring the meaning behind different genres of poems, and in writing we looked at different ways to begin our sentences to add variety to our papers!

Next week we will work on the art of writing poems and we will be creating our own book of poetry! We will also begin writing a new expository paper!


Destine' Grobe

Morris' Corner

This week in Math we reviewed adding and subtracting decimals. Every one of our 44 students has mastered this skill. I am so proud of them. Next week, we will be reviewing adding and subtracting fractions before we start our Geometry Unit.

*Monday we will take our Math MAP test.

In Science the kids had several days of review this week to get ready for the Science DA on Friday. Next week, we start our Force Unit. The kids will get to experiment with magnets to understand the differences between a push and a pull. They will also get to create a catapult to demonstrate force.

Please make sure that students are practicing their math facts daily to continue reviewing this school. Please have your child complete the following problems and submit to me for a reward!

Sunday: 12.45 + 13 =

Monday: 1.89 + 3.4 =

Tuesday: 8.45 - 4.2 =

Wednesday: 14.2 - 5.78 =

Thursday: 18 + 13.65 =

Have a great weekend!

Brooke Morris

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