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Important Dates in December

December 7th- GOTM Lunch- Gratitude (November)

December 15th- GOTM Lunch- Kindness (December)

December 17th- GES Dance Party Celebration

December Celebration- Dance party

Who? All classes who are CELEBRATING achieving their December Goal

When? Thursday December 17th...schedule will be sent out by PBIS team.

What is it? Dance!!!!!

Character Trait of the Month- Kindness

The last few weeks all 'breaking news' I watch on TV seems to be horrible, negative, and scary. Why can't we have 'breaking news' where there is a story of something amazing that happens that truly captures mankind's inherit kindness? Last month we talked about the power of gratitude and why it is important to show it in your daily life. Kindness works the same way: the more we show it every day the happier we will be!
24 Incredible Acts of Kindness

Survey- PBIS PD

We want to know what PD you would like to have that deals with PBIS. Do you struggle with students who shut down? What do you do with that student who can't stay focused? Please let us know by taking 1 minute to fill out this survey.

Funny Video of the Month

The sole intention of this video is to make you laugh!
Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog

Have a great month!

Please don't hesitate to contact any member of the PBIS team with questions or concerns.

Your PBIS Team is:

Allison Tschuor- SLP

Rod Sutherlin- PE

Callie Mathers- School Psych

John Reynolds- Counselor

Christi Thomas- Principal

Ally Gamble- Kdg

Autumn Carter- 1st

Sharlee Friedle- 2nd

Susan Galliher- 3rd

Lacy Rose- 4th