The College "Essay"

Who are you? Where are you going? Where have you been?

Who are you? Where are you going? Where have you been?

These are things that colleges want to know. But they don’t want to read boring essay after boring essay after boring essay (though you will have to submit an essay).

How can you best show the colleges who you are? Essay? Video? Infographic? Animation? Children’s Book? Poem? Time-Lapse art creation? Song? Podcast?

As the first steps to getting ready to apply to college, let’s have fun creating some content that best showcases who you are and who you dream of becoming.

Can you spot my brother in this video?

How to Write a Powerful Application Essay: St. Edward's University

The Essay

While in the fall, you will have to submit a college essay in essay form, for this first phase of working on these questions, you will have a choice in which prompt you answer and what genre you feel best showcases your talents, passions and uniqueness. If that is an essay, great. If it's not, maybe even better?

Apply Texas Essay Prompts 2016:

A: What was the environment in which you were raised? Describe your family, home, neighborhood, or community, and explain how it has shaped you as a person.

B: Some students have an identity, interest, or talent that defines them in an essential way. If you are one of those students, then tell us about yourself.

C: You've got a ticket in your hand - where will you go? What will you do? What will happen when you get there?

Let's Get Cheesy...

So let's embrace our cheesy side and think about who we are - how we see ourselves and how others may see us, what we care about, what we dream about, etc.

Let's create identity webs... (you've probably done this before, but these things can change and grow and that's the cool thing about identity...)

Big image

Take a photo of your web and post it on your blog.

Now Tell a Story

Talk to a partner about one of the prompts - everything that comes to mind or one story you know you could tell.

As you listen, draw sketchnotes on what your partner is saying. Hide your notes behind a book or folder so as not to distract your partner from talking. Don't worry about how beautiful the art is, but about capturing key words, phrases and images that come to mind as you listen.

Example of a sketchnote from a story:

Post your partner's sketchnote on your blog - the one made about the story you told...

What genre will you choose?

Time-Lapse art with a story being told as the sound track?
Drawing Lion - timelapse art video
Animated ideas as you read your essay?
Sketcho Frenzy: The Basics of Visual Note-taking
Pow-Toon animation of the story you're telling?
How to create animated presentations. PowToon - The PowerPoint Alternative
A slam poem that you video yourself performing?
Urban Word 2013 Teen Poetry Slam Finals: Ramya Ramana
Good Old-Fashioned Storytelling?
The Moth Presents Ameera Chowdhury: School Night


On your blog today, please respond to the following:

1. What prompt will you respond to?

2. Why did you choose that prompt?

3. What genre will you respond in?

4. Why that genre (in other words, how will you visually represent your essay)?

5. What is your plan to get this done by May 25?

Start Working!

Start drafting and planning and writing and recording!

All "essays" must have a written AND a visual component to them.

Share whatever you have done with my via google docs. Please include your name in the title of the document so I can easily find your work.