Rocket History

By Tejas Mehta

2004 New Space Program

George Bush creates a new space program called Constellation. With this program he hopes astronauts to get to the moon, mars, and beyond.

2004 First rocket to orbit Saturn

The rocket by the NASA, Cassini, is the first to orbit saturn

2004 New speed record

Nasa's new jet, X-43A sets the new speed record at mach 9.6.

2006 First mission to Pluto

US launches a the spacecraft New Horizons which is the first pluto mission. This spacecraft also happens to be the fastest spacecraft launched to space.

2008 India's first successful mission to the moon

Chandrayaan was india's first successful mission to landing on the moon.

2010 Obama cancels NASA's constellation program

George bush created the constellation program but it later got canceled by Obama.

2011 Atlantis's final flight

This was the last manned space shuttle flight of Atlantis and any space shuttle. This was the last because government didn't have the money to pay for more missions.

2011 First Spacecraft to enter orbit of mercury

Nasa's rocket "Messenger", was the first spacecraft to orbit mercury.

2012 First Commercial flight to dock with the ISS

Since this flight was commercial that means that soon there will be normal people going to the ISS.

2014 North Korea Rockets

North Korea does a rocket launch to test their nuclear missile distance capability.