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TTESS Thoughts

I attended three days of training this week on TTESS, which is the new evaluation for educators beginning in the 16-17 school year. There will be multiple opportunities for all of us to learn more about TTESS, but I want to share some basic thoughts with you. This new model is a growth model. We know that we can all improve our practices to focus on teaching and learning for students. There is a rubric that will be used to score the observations. There is no need to worry about this now, but the following link has resources and explanations about the new system if you are interested in getting a sneak peek. One idea that I want to let you think about is that Exceeds Expectations in PDAS is now proficient in TTESS. A rock-solid teacher scores proficient on the TTESS rubric. A rock-star teacher's lesson score higher on the rubric. The more child-centered the classroom is, the higher the ratings in TTESS. You are all rock-solid, so this will be an easy transition for Abbett!

If you have time and the desire, take a look at the following website. I look forward to learning and growing together!

Intervention Reminders and To-Do's!

MAP Reminders!

As, you know MAP has taken the place of ITBS test and administration (district level) wants us to know that we should be monitoring MAP with the same rigor of STAAR, so that means no electronics use, grading papers, etc. We realize that you all have been actively monitoring, this is just a FYI. MAP scores are a reflection of what is happening in the classroom and intervention room. Also, a copy of the MAP report needs to be placed in the cum folder as well.

Tier 2 Meetings

Classroom Teachers, please remember that you need to have end of year meetings with parents of students on Tier 2. You will need to update the PSM form and have the parent sign at the conclusion of the meeting. Please file these forms in the goldenrod folder within the cum folder.

Tier 3 Meetings

Trisha Buchanan will be planning the Tier 3 meetings in Tracey's place. She will be contacting classrooms teachers and an administrator to attend the Tier 3 meetings. With all Tier 2 and Tier 3 meetings, please be prepared to discuss classroom performance with the parents. As we know, intervention takes place in the classroom and with the I-team during All-Star time.


EOY ISIP testing opens Monday. You will have the full month of May to test. This is tricky with MAP testing in the computer lab, but check the schedule for open times. Ross can assist with this scheduling if needed. Also, a copy of the EOY I-station report needs to be placed in the cum folder as well.

Please let the I-team or administration know if you have any questions about this! We are here to help!

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Thank You for Attending the Carnival!!

Staff Who Attended: If your name is not listed, send me an email so that we can find the winner of the most participation by grade level!























These staff members will receive 2 leave early passes, and the winning grade level will receive an hour off-campus for lunch with a gift card!

Teacher Appreciation Week! We will be showing our appreciation in many ways throughout the week. Thank You!

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PTA's Plans of Appreciation of the Staff!

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Marching into May

Monday, May 2

Betsy out-Jury Duty

Tuesday, May 3

Summative Conferences if you were appraised this year and did not waive the conference (schedule will be on email for those that this affects)

Staff Meeting 3:30--We will be sharing Campus Needs Assessment information, so I would like paraprofessionals and support staff there if possible.

Wednesday, May 4

Off Campus PTA Luncheon

Friday, May 6

PLCs-designed to work as teams to discuss CNA data/can be completed early in the week if your team chooses (more explanation at the meeting on Tuesday)

Cinco de Mayo Celebration-Tour of Schools 2:15

Monday, May 9

STAAR Testing

Tuesday, May 10

STAAR Testing

Team Leader Meeting 3:30

Wednesday, May 11

National Nurses Day

STAAR Testing

Thursday, May 12

Dr. Morrison Q & A at 3:30 in the library--All Staff Please Attend

SAVE the DATE! Picnic/Fundraiser for the Bitners on Tuesday, May 17 before PTA Meeting and Choir Concert: More Details to Come Very Soon!

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