Storybook Character Project

Celebrating the Magic of Books

Please check your child's homework folder for very important information about this project

Dear families,

Your child is participating in a storybook character project. The project is due on Monday, October 31st, but please return the project form from your child's homework folder by Monday, October 17th to confirm the book title and project choice. Your child needs to choose a good-fit book and then complete the character card and a project form the choice board. It can be a book from home or a book from school, as long as it is a good-fit choice.

The project activities include:

  1. Choose a good-fit book that you like and read the book out loud to an adult.

  2. Fill out the project form and return it by October 17th.

  3. Fill out attached character card (due on October 31st).

  4. Create a simple costume representing a character from the book to be worn to school on Monday, October 31.

  5. Complete a project from the choice board below: (due on October 31). You will present your project to the class on the October 31st.

Project Choices:

  • Create a Diorama to represent the characters and setting of the book.
  • Create a puppet and act out a scene from the book.
  • Create a Board Game that demonstrates your understanding of the plot.
  • Create a book cover to represent the characters and setting.
  • Create an alternative ending to the story.
  • Create a song or poem summarizing the story.

Here are some examples of possible projects and costumes...Costumes can be simple :)

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