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"I'm not interested in what everyone else thinks, I'm interested in doing what I love!" -Jessica Herrin, CEO & Founder of Stella & Dot

Recently I had an ah-ha moment while I sat at our Spring Boot camp in Atlanta. I took a moment to look around the room. I thought, "look at this room filled with brilliant women. Look how happy they are... Look at how happy I am!!" What if someone had never approached me with this opportunity? What if someone assumed I wouldn't want to do something like this because I had a full time job in a totally different industry or because I had a 6 month old baby or because at the time I didn't wear jewelry? Where would I be today?"
All I can say is thank goodness someone did!!!

Please take a moment to watch Our Story and a few other videos or articles that will give you an idea for the business opportunity that is Stella & Dot. If you're intrigued then let's chat, answer your questions and if the shoe (or jewelry in this case) fits... then we'll help you launch your very own home-based fashion business. I can't wait to hear what you think!
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Let's set up a time to chat on the phone, meet for coffee and answer any questions. And, no worries-- if this opportunity isn't right for you at this time then you might just want to host a show to get hundreds of dollars in jewelry for free just for sipping wine with your friends.

Lori Quayle
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