Fun Graphing


Materials Included

Board Pen/Pencil

Cards (Coordinates, Easy, and Hard)

character piece


Board set up

1. place the easy cards on its set area and the hard cards on its set area

2. place the coordanite cards on their set area

3. place everyones peice on cordanite (0,0)

4. start the game!

How to play:


1. Put your character piece on coordinate (0,0)

2. Go counterclockwise to start the game

3. Pick a coordinate card and go to the coordinate that it tells you

4. Have the person to you right read the card that you landed on.

5. If you land on a star (orange) that's a hard card; you get two points if you answer it right. If you land on a circle (green) that's a easy card; you get one point for answering it right. If you land on a sun (pink) you gain a point.

6. try to solve the problem (if you get one) and answer it the best you can.

7. If you get it right the person who read the card to you will tell you if you got it right or not. (make sure to keep track of points)

8. If you get the answer wrong you can chose to try one more time. (if you get it wrong you lose your turn)(on the same card)

9. Continue playing until someone gets the amount of points to win. ( 4 players- 5 points, 3 players- 7 points.... )

10. Have fun!

Tips for game play

  • Keep tracks of points on a piece of paper.
  • Have a point keeper
  • Place a time a time limit for each question (if you'd like)
  • Have a star chart for formulas
  • Make sure the game board is facing the right way.
  • No cheating!! no calculators
  • (X,Y) 1. +,+ 2. +,- 3. -,- 4. -,+