Rangers in The World Series?

By: Eric Cashimere


The Texas Rangers, and their fans, want a taste of the World Series again. While the Rangers had a bad year, the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants were booming through the playoffs they made the World Series. Out of pure jealousy, the GM of the Rangers called the GM of both the Royals and Giants. He wanted some advice on how to build a winning team again. But they needed a place to meet where they would all have to travel an equal distance.
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Midpoint Formula

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Approximately (15,18)
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I chose circumcenter because I was trying to find the equal distance between the three vertices of the triangle. I was trying to find that because the three General Managers didn't want to travel an unfair distance so I had to find the middle of the three vertices. To find the circumcenter I constructed perpendicular bisectors

Construction steps

1. Bisect the sides by making two x marks above and below the segment putting the tip of the compass on the point and placing the pencil a little over half the line and make an arc. Repeat above and below the segments from both points

2. Draw a line from the two x marks. This will bisect the line perpendicularly.

3. Repeat this for each segment. The point where the lines intersect is circumcenter. This point is equal distance from all vertices

The Circumcenter in Real Life

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