December Update!

It has been too long!

Welcome Back!

Hey there to all Dupont 3rd Easters, new recruits and seasoned veterans,

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was pleasant and relaxing! Here are some updates!

Even though these may be stressful times.. please be mindful!

Stress is something that usually effects us all around this time of year, but too much stress can be harmful. Please take care of yourself during these times and remember that your health is something much more important than any grade! Take a look at this Ted Talk about it! I've also added a de-stress playlist and breathing gif (I'm not sure if it works)! Also know I am here if anyone needs a five minute destress chat/dance it out buddy!! you're not alone!!
How stress affects your brain - Madhumita Murgia


Now I know we all have been bombarded with surveys, but I promise this one is painless!! its for the next coming semester and very near and dear to my heart! so if you could take like two minutes tops, hop on over and fill it out, I would be eternally grateful!!

P.S. let me know if you can't get in!

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Winter Holiday Board Off!!

I see that a lot of you have started decorating for the christmas season, which gave me an Idea, I still have the prizes from the Halloween party, and will give them to the room with the best decorated board (like the little board on your door)! you have until the last day! I will announce the winners on the next newsletter! GOOD LUCK!

*PLEASE NOTE* It is unfortunately against fire code to have anything on the walls or on the doors itself, as lovely as it looks I am going to have to ask you to take down anything not on your bulletin boards. Though as far as boards go you have all the creative freedom you could desire!

Early Closing Information

I am certain I will be sending you more information later on, but just a small reminder that the halls close at 10am December 17th! We will be doing room checks to see that windows are not open and that rooms are left in good order, (we will be gone for about a month) so food or any other perishables will get pretty nasty if left. So please take that into consideration when you are preparing to head out! More information will be on the way!