FMS Staff Weekend Focus

May 6th, 2016

Dear FMS Staff,

Thank you so much for another great week at FMS! What an amazing send off to our Special Olympians this morning. WOW!

It's hard to believe that we are down to the last two weeks of school. Please remember to fill out information on the awards ceremony and we will discuss on Tuesday at team. Also, please remember that the expectation is that teaching and learning happens all the way to the end. We are not packing up our rooms or taking bulletin boards down until school is out. As soon as we begin prep for summer, brains turn off. I will be sure that you have time on the 20th to do some room cleaning. Thanks in advance for keeping the intensity going, even though I know we are all running out of steam. Time to dig deep, get some pudding and finish strong!

Have a GREAT week,


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Attendance Updates

Average Daily Attendance: 95.5%

% of Students here 90% of the time: 89.47%

WOOHOO! Our goal is 90% of our students here 90% of the time. We can do this!

Next Week at FMS


#CelebrateMonday, Track Meet, Lead Team

Tuesday-8th grade Science MAP, Harmony Hornets, TEAM Tuesday

Wednesday-8th Grade Science MAP, PBIS Meeting, BoE Meeting

Thursday-Gates Testing in ELA, RTI Meeting, Fine Arts Concert

Friday-#FlyHighFri, Talent Show, Bush 5th Grade Tours, Play

Other Information and Dates

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End of the Year Special Dates

Monday and Tuesday, May 16-17: Chromebook Check In

Monday, May 16th: 7th and 8th Grade MAP Incentive Field Trips

10:30-8th Grade Bowling

12:00-7th Grade Movies

Tuesday, May 17th:

1:00-2:30-8th Grade Awards and Celebration**Updated**

Wednesday, May 18th:

8th Grade Field Trip-all day

8:45-9:45-7th Grade Awards

10:15-11:15-6th Grade Awards

Thursday, May 19th:

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! 2 hour early dismissal

FMS Summer Celebration/Field Day (more details soon!)

8th grade dance and color run-->WOOHOO!

HOOK OF THE WEEK: The Techno Whiz Hook

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TLAP Pages 127-128

  • How can I tap into the techonological prowess of my students?
  • Can I give my students the option to create projects and turn in assignments digitally?
  • Can I create a paperless lesson, unit, or class?
  • How can this lesson benefit from the fact that many students have more computing power in their pockets and backpacks than I have in my class or lab?
  • How can I take advantage of the fact that most phones now have camera, video, and Internet capability?
  • How can I leverage the power of social media to empower my students to engage in their education beyond the standard school day?
  • How can technology be used to bridge gaps between school and the real world?
  • How can technology help to connect my students to people from all over the world and help them gain a global perspective?
  • How can I utilize the latest apps to create more powerful and interactive presentations?

"The technological revolution is not going to go away. We can either fight against this irrepressible force, or we can choose to use it. " Dave Burgess


Capture the hook of the week and TWEET it out (or send me a pic of it in action) to be eligible for a daily drawing for some amazing EDUCATOR SWAG! (like the awesome new wobble stools and other items of awesomeness!)
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So Much Happening Last Week @ #FMSTeach