Three Blind Mice

By: Joshua Clarke

The Three Blind Mice have been arrested for drunk-driving!

Well the day began when the Three Blind Mice were at a bar and they got really drunk and went out driving and as soon as they drove like 5 miles into the city, they were jamming to some loud music when all of a sudden someone walked in front of their car and got hit, later that day the TBM, (Three Blind Mice), were then placed in a pre-jury to determine if they should be put in a grand jury before the judge. TBM were acquitted with manslaughter and were put on bail. Everyone heard about it and TBM had lost all of their respect from their friends and family, so one of TBM decided there was no point in waiting for a petit-jury to convict them of a felony so they got a lawyer and he was their public defender. The prosecution was set for a few minutes and TBM appealed for a different day to be arrested. The judge asked the typical question: " has the jury reached a verdict"? one of the members of the jury says: "yes your honor we find the defendant guilty". But that didn't happen, TBM had one witness, their father, who made a plea bargaining with the judge and granted the TBM a subpoena and they lived happily ever after!