I Have a Dream...

By: Terra Bogle

My Dream..

My dream is to go out and explore outer space. I have always be fascinated with the thought of going out into the universe. I also feel as if we aren't alone in this place and that we are too cramped on our little planet. If I could go out into space and make contact with another species, or even just another habitable planet that, as a race we would advance tremendously. In order to achieve this I have set goals. To get into NASA, find a partner to share it with, and prepare for what will happen.

First off, I would need to get though college and the air force so I could get a job at NASA. NASA would be the ones funding my travels and the ones interested in what I would be doing. There for to get to them I must be well educated. Secondly, I would what to find someone to share my travels with. I couldn't go up by myself, I would go completely mad, I would have to bring someone with me to keep me from going bonkers. I would prefer for it to be a significant other so they would understand what is going on in my head. Lastly, we would have to prepare for what might happen when we are out. A lot could go bad, and I would like us to go out knowing what to do if an emergency should pop up. I'd prefer that nothing happen, but to do something no one else has do that won't happen.

Though these steps I should be able to accomplish something that will go down in scientific history. As well as help benefit the human race. I will have to work extremely hard, but all will pay off.

Going into space is like reading a book.

A book is a extraordinary thing. It allows you to know what, at one time, a person was thinking. Books could be endless, because simply more could be written. This is how I view space, an extraordinary, never ending thing. Because going into space is like reading a book.

Space Minded People

To find us simply look for spacey things.