william herschel

About William Herschel

William Herschel is famous for his wonderful discover of Uranus and its two major moons Titania and Oberon. He has made two other discoverises one them was the two moons of Saturn which are called mimas and enceladus and his other discovery is th existence of infraid radiation. He was also a musician. It took William years to confirm that Uranus was a planet. There was conflict between William and other astronomers what to call this planet William wanted to name the planet after king George the III of great Britain. But it was eventually named after a Greek god ouranos .William also made and created the first giant reflector telescope. William is from England he was born in town called Hanover in Germany. His birth date is the 15th of November in the year 1738 and he died the year of 1822 on the 25 of August.

dates and years of discovery

The discovery of Uranus was in the year 1781 on the 13th of march.

The discovery of the moons of Uranus was on the 11th of January 1787.

The discovery of the moons of saturn was on the 17th of september 1789 and 28 of august 1789 .

The Importance Of The Discovery

I personally think that William Herschel discoveries has a major impact on the solar system its makes my under standing a lot better. I mean if he didn't discover Uranus I'm sure some one else would of but what if no one did we'd think its a big ball that looks like a planet but is not actually a planet. That's exactly the same as the moons.

Technology Used

He used his telescope that he made and created himself.


It took Uranus 84 years to orbit the sun.

Herschel thought that Uranus was a big comet