Save our Ecosystem!

Stop polluting

Oil Rig Disadvantages


  • When you are drilling for oil, a blowout (or an explosion of a gas pocket) can occur!
  • This blowout will cause can cause fires, explosions, and can scatter drilling waste into the area.
  • When a person inhales direct fumes from the oil rig it can cause damage in your organs and cause them to shut down if these fumes are deadly enough.


  • There are many species of animals in Alaska.
  • If we put this oil rig into effect, we are risking their lives!
  • These animals will lose their habitats if we create a damage in the ecosystem.

Fun Facts

  • Rocks can be damaged by forcing drilling mud into them.
  • A job like this can be very expensive and especially dangerous to the people working on it.
  • Leakage can occur if something goes wrong.
  • Equipment can fail and not function properly.