End of Life Planning!!!

Don't be a burden to your children!

Spring is coming. Get ready to die in style!

Don't get caught without a plan! You don't want your kids picking your funeral stuff. You remember what your son did in seventh grade, right? Get a plan. Come see us and we can help make sure no one messes up your last event.

Funeral Pre Planning

Sunday, Feb. 14th, 7:15pm

1000 Buena Vista Drive

Orlando, FL

Dress as your favorite super-hero to get special seating and extra drink vouchers.

A smart man has a good plan

Come and see us to make sure your remains receive the proper respect deserved a Sith Lord or have your friends and family watch as your ashes are launched into low earth orbit. It's your final show. Make it a good one.
Make a plan with us and we will see to every detail for you.