Welcome to the Seed Swap!

How does the seed swap work?

Trade, barter, swap, exchange or give away your extra seeds!

Label packets with as much information as you can provide! The date the seeds were saved and/or packaged for use, heirloom or not, plant type (broccoli), variety (Waltham), days to germination, days to maturity and planting depth. You can also add sun, soil or water requirements, height, bloom color, etc. If you're willing, write your name and contact info on the packet as well. This could be important for the next person growing out those seeds.

A good rule of thumb for making seed packs:

Try to give enough that the person who got them has a reasonable chance of growing out at least a dozen, healthy plants.

For tiny seeds, like broccoli or radish, ⅛ teaspoon (one half of ¼ tsp.) of seeds equals about 50 seeds. This is more than enough for someone to grow a garden full of broccoli. Smaller packs of 25 are good if seed is limited.

For medium seeds like tomatoes and peppers 12-25 seeds is an average size.

For large seeds like squash and melons, 10-15 seeds is enough for most gardeners to get a good crop.

Things to keep in mind when packaging seed:

Old seeds have lower rates of germination than fresh ones. Don’t trade out-dated seeds without first telling the person you’re trading with or marking it on the seed pack. Many people are more than willing to accept the risk, but no one likes surprises at planting time.

If you have a ton of seed (perhaps from saving your own), please feel free to give them away. Everyone loves freebies! Simply put them in a box labeled FREE.