Leaving My Mark In This World

What does your digital footprint say about you?

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint is what you do online, it ranges from your social media accounts, what others put of you. It also includes what you view or "like". Now in the Digital Age many companies when hiring look online to see what you have done. Your online footprint for many is now considered a background check.

Types of digital footprints

The list goes on and on but here are a few I have;





-We Heart It



*Remember what you do at school online also counts as your Digital Footprint

Digital Foot Print, is it good or bad?

Obviously if you post or look at things that are considered bad, you should be worried and do something to change it, as fast as possible. Because in the future that post that made you feel cool at the moment is going to make you lose your job.

Now do you have a good Digital Foot Print?

Congrats! Continue including how you helped feed children, when employers search you up all they'll see it positive reasons why you should get the job. It's almost as if you recommended yourself.

Do you have an O.K Digital Foot Print?

It's great your not doing anything bad, but your not exactly doing anything good either. If a future company wants to hire the won't only be looking at you they'll have a good handful of people to pick. So if they go look at your digital footprint and see nothing good or bad why should they pick you over someone who has posts of them doing charity work? You want to be noticed, so fix your digital footprint a bit so you can secure that job.

Want to Improve Your Footprint?

Post something good like:

-Helping out


-Spread Positivity

-Community work

What Did I learn

A digital Footprint has more impact than we all think, in the future maybe a part of your resume would be to show your online accounts. Having a good footprint can give you the boost you need to get the job. A digital footprint doesn't only mean where your active (as in posting) it also means places where you just have an account, or things you have viewed. Overall it matters to keep your digital footprint polished, it will help a lot in the future