The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

Hope For Dreams

In the "Diary of Anne Frank" the theme is "have hope when reaching for dreams." (pg. 387/388). Anne wanted to be many things. When she got her diary she would she wanted to be a journalist. Anne wanted her diary to be published. In the end Anne's father Otto had published it after the war and being released. It became a very famous diary.
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ANNE FRANK (1929-1945). - German Jewish diarist.

Not Fair

The sencond theme is "not everyone gets what they want." In the annex they had ration books. Meap could only buy so many things with the ration books. Meap would get the nessersy thing first. At the end food as running low. So they couldnt get other things.
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Anne franks symbol was her diary because that's what she would write in a lot. Anne would write her thoughts in her diary. There wasn't many people to talk to. She would write in it over the years the family was hiding.


Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born on June 12, 1929.she was alive durning the take over of the nazis. She had went to hiding from the nazis. They had been in hiding for two years before nazis had showed up to take them off. Otto Frank the dad of Anne Frank had survived to publish her diary.