If I was school captain at C.H.P.S

by jordan.pham

vote for me as school captain

vote me I will help the school in many difftent ways like pick up things that are ment to be in the bin I will also help others when they need help e.g. they are hurt like if they fell down.

how to be a good school captain

Inorder to be a good school captain I have to respect the school,rules and other people I must keep my promies and I will be nice to others pick up rubish help others in need and have good ideas.

all about me

My name is Jordan pham my fravoite subject is art and maths l am 10 years old this year l will give the kids good education but l have lots of friends l can not live without them because they are always there for me and l am also there for them my friends helps me.

being nice to others

We have to be nice to be a school leader e.g. do not do bad things do good things and follow the school rules.