Morris, C2, Thanksgiving

Celebrations Around the World

American Thanksgiving

The pilgrims traveled by way of the Mayflower to America from Holland in 1620.Through a year of prayers and not eating food in the Fall of 1621 the Pilgrims and a tribe of Wampanoag Native Americans celebrated a huge bountiful harvest that included fish,wild turkey and lasted for three days.The U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November.
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Olivagand Italy

Magione's two-day festival in November celebrates both the feast day of St Clement and the local olive harvest,bringing together everyone involved in the production of olive oil.A priest blesess the new oil at a special Mass,and the town hosts lavish medieval dinner at it's 12-century castle.
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Lamas U.K.

Llamas marks the beginning of the harvest season,when food is abundant and the light begins to wane.Early Britons baked bread from New crop to leave church altars,and corn dolls decorated courteous feast tables.
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The First Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving story for kids

West Africa - Yam Festival

The festival of Yams called 'Homowo' is held at the beginning of August to mark the end of the rainy season. The festival is a public holiday in Ghana and Nigeria. Yams are offered to the gods and eaten during celebrations.

Japan Niiname-sai

Niiname-sai meaning "Celebrations of the FIrst Taste", is a Shinto rice festival held yearly in Japan. Since World War II the celebration is known as Labor Thanksgiving Day. During the ceremony the Emperor must offer up some harvest while praying for healthy crop in the new year.