Focus on Rigor

Elements that Scaffold to Rigor/Train-the-trainer Module

Learning Goal for this Module

Participants will describe the 7 elements from Domain 1 that predominantly represent a focus on rigor.

Scale For Your Learning

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Important Talking Points:

  • A major focus of the new standards is their emphasis on higher-order thinking and the ability to solve complex problems.
  • This emphasis on higher-order learning is the foundation for the concept of "rigor."
  • Florida Standards Assessments will focus on analysis knowledge utilization rather than recall of content.
  • Teachers are still relying heavily on teacher-centered strategies which emphasizes lecture, practice, and review and this type of instruction will not help students succeed with the new standards.
  • We must move to student-centered strategies that support student learning by scaffolding content from foundational knowledge to complex application of knowledge.
  • Students must learn to use their knowledge to solve problems.
  • Teachers need to plan for scaffolded student autonomy.

Presentation To Use With Your Staff

Looking For Additional Information?

After the initial presentation:

As you work with teachers in PLCs and planning sessions you need to intentionally plan for scaffolding to rigor using these elements. You also need to ensure that your daily lessons are student-centered and that you are providing opportunities for your students to think critically about the content you are teaching.
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