The Perfect Fairy Tale Wedding

It is very rare to find a woman who hasn’t watched a Disney fairy-tale movie and dreamed about marrying her prince. By the time most women reach the age of 13, they have already planned out the details of their dream wedding. Many women not only see their future wedding as the day they marry the man of their dreams but a preparation for that special day and the rest of their lives together. Choosing your wedding venue is one of the first big decisions you’ll make in the wedding planning process. The wedding venue you choose will set the tone for your entire big day.

What to Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue

Space for Guests

Make sure the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on the guest list. Try to take into consideration tables, chairs, buffet, bar, the band or DJ setup, the dance floors – which will fill up the room quickly. You also want to make sure there’s elbow room for your guests. The best way to assess the size of a site is to go see it when another wedding is all set up.

Food and Drinks

Eating, drinking and party areas. There should be logical places within the venue where guests can eat, drink, mingle and dance. If a room is too small to separate into sections accordingly, you’ll probably feel cramped. You should also look for locations of columns or other obstructions in the room.


If you’re a couple who prefers privacy, try to schedule your wedding when there won’t be another one next door. Hotels and banquet halls often hold more than one event at a time. This means there could be an event going on in a room close to yours. You should probably visit the site on a dual-party night and see how the sound carries and whether there really are any major problems before you make a decision. You want to also make sure that you’re not having a daytime event at a public space where there will mostly likely be strangers around.


Light can make or break the mood and space of your wedding event. If you’re marrying during the day you’ll want to make sure that your hall has plenty of windows so it’s not too dark. If it’s in the evening you’ll want to make sure the room is not too dim, or that the lighting can be controlled.

Views and Details

Are there any stunning views that your guests will see from the location? If there aren’t any views, you can look into the venue’s décor or architectural details. Look for artwork, chandeliers, furniture that stands out – anything that gives your reception site that something extra.

Wedding Theme/Mood

Make sure the non-removable décor of the wedding venue doesn’t interfere with a certain theme and color palette you may be considering for your wedding. The venue doesn’t have to be done in the exact colors as your planned decorations, but the walls, carpets, chairs and curtains shouldn’t conflict with your party’s theme or mood.

Power for Entertainment

Check around the room for plenty of power outlets. You’ll want to make sure your entertainment crew has all the power they need to keep the party going.

Sound Quality

Check out the room’s sound quality during an event and tailor your music to the venue.

Parking for Guests

Make sure the venue has enough parking for all your guests, or a big empty street where it’s legal and safe to park.

Plan B

Make sure you have a plan b. If you’re having your event outside, make sure the venue has an indoor space you can use in case of bad weather.

Questions to Ask on Your Wedding Venue Site Tour

First, you want to schedule your wedding venue tour by calling or emailing your potential venues. Keep in mind three things throughout your tour- budget, date and style. Make sure the entire venue cost fits within your budget. If you have a certain date you prefer for your wedding, make sure the venue has it open. Keep in mind the style of the venue and see if it fits with the look you envision for your event.

  • What’s the walking/driving distance from the ceremony location?

  • Can I read your contract?

  • What is your availability? Are you available on my target date?

  • Is the venue near guest hotels, and can you recommend any?

  • Is public transportation an option?

  • How many people does the space accommodate?

  • What kinds of aesthetic features do you have?

  • What kinds of services do you offer?

  • What’s your outdoor space like? If you want an outdoor party.

  • What’s your electricity like?

  • How many hours does our rental cover?

  • What kinds of restrictions do you have? Alcohol restrictions or permits?

  • How many weddings do you allow within a day?

  • What’s your deposit/cancellation/refund policy?

  • Does your venue have the following:

A tent, if you want an outdoor ceremony

A backup plan, in case of bad weather

Space for your ceremony

Cocktail hour space

A separate children’s room for childcare

A coat check for winter weddings

A dressing room – to get ready or store belongings

Disabled access

On-site hotel rooms

Parking for guests

Ample restrooms for guest count

Wedding Venue Styles

Your choice of wedding venue will set the tone for your entire wedding day.


If you’re looking to host a formal, black-tie wedding you should consider a ballroom venue. Many ballrooms make wedding planning much easier by offering in-house catering, as well as other services. Ballroom venues are usually the way to go to accommodate larger weddings.


When it comes to décor, barns can accommodate a variety of different décor styles and color schemes. They’re great for more casual weddings. Barns located on farms or ranches often feature ample outdoor space for ceremonies, portraits and more.


Beach venues require little added décor, which can help with your budget. It’s a casual environment, where guests can relax. Beach venues are ideal for smaller, more intimate celebrations. Who wouldn’t want to get married with ocean waves as their background?


Garden venues are very romantic. A garden venue is flexible, you can dress it up for more formal weddings or down for more casual events. Garden venues mean little need for added décor. Most estates offer formal gardens, expansive manicured ground, ponds, walking bridges, charming gazebos.

Modern Space

A loft or a modern space is a trendy alternative. This venue is perfect because you can style the place as you desire. Many modern spaces offer beautiful views. This is a good option for a smaller guest list.


Food is a priority for your wedding day, so picking a restaurant you love to host your wedding is a plus. This will guarantee that the food is delicious. A restaurant wedding venue is more of a casual dining atmosphere. This is perfect for a smaller guest list.


If you are set on an outdoor wedding, you should most definitely consider a vineyard. It will offer great views and amazing wine. Most vineyards have indoor space as well, just in case of bad weather. You won’t have to do much to go out of your way and dress up the space because most vineyards tend to boast a naturally rustic aesthetic.