Bunny Care

Bunny Care


Bunnys are cute, but there a big responsibility.They make a mess,so you have to take care of them and they need the right care.Such as getting play time with there owner.Getting a

decent size cage or pen.They also should live in side.

Bunny Needs

Bunnys need certain things such as a pen/cage a

litter box or hay on the bottom of the cage.A water

bowl or bottle a food bowl attention and toys and salad too.

Big image
Big image

Belive it or not this is a bunny.^

My Bunny

I have a bunny his name is Tippy. He's a butterfly lop. He has a litter box, an igloo, two tunles, a food bowl, water bowl, two balls, and a big cage. Also a owner who loves him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tippy!