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Matilda by Ronald dahl

Matilda is a very smart little girl who lives with her mean parents that don't care about a word she says. Matilda's mother goes to bingo all day and her dad sells cars that are done up cheaply which are not safe. Her parents finally decide to send her to school, and Matilda has the sweetest teacher, Miss Honey but not a very nice principle, Miss Trunchbull. Matilda is about to find out that she has a special power. Will Miss Trunchbull hurt Matilda? Why is Miss Honey so afraid?

nicholas saint north

Before St. Nick was St. Nick, he was North—Nicholas St. North, a daredevil swordsman, ruffian, and notorious outlaw. North's prowess with weaponry of all kinds was infamous, and he sought treasure and riches at all costs. Hardly hero material. But heroes are not born—they're tested.

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King chapels Clavier spindle retirement home project

The King Charles cavalier Spaniel is a great loving companion for all of your elder retirees.The king charles is a mini tail wagger willing to warm a heart no bigger than the size of his the size of his. King charles is a calm easy going pup who doesn't mind sitting in a small room all day. King charles is a great pooch for novice owners it’s forgiving and loving. All of these great qualities can be found in the astonishing King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

The king Charles Cavalier Spaniel is a small pint sized about a foot long. from 10 to 13 inches tall and can weigh 10 to 18 lbs. This can be useful because it is less likely that they get tripped over create a tripping hazard. It is also easier for them so snuggle with their owners without crushing them. It's fair to say that a small dog would definitely be better for people in their golden ages.

King Charles Cavalier spaniel Is known for being a very easy going dog. It likes to interact with people. The King charles cavalier spaniel is great for novice owners he is very loving and forgiving so if its owner makes a mistake he it will not hold a grudge. and usually gets along with every thing and one this could be a great factor for if there are other retirees with a faithful companion it with get along with it or even great for grandchildren who come to visit. a easy going pooch wold be better for everyone.

No one would like to clean up after there messe dog well that should not be a problem with The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is highly trainable and as you may already know gets along with other dogs and humans. this could be useful for teaching how to potty train and interacting with other dogs.The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Is a very intelligent dog so learns and reacts to commands easily. a trained dog is much easier to take care of and we all know that is much better.

Many dogs may be easy to train small or easy going but only all of these great qualities can be found in the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Though he has high grooming needs he only needs to go to the groomers once a month which should be manageable. Once in everybody's life they have a loving companion who's to say it can't be in their golden years. This loving companion which will always be loving and forgiving, calm and easygoing and as cute as a button can soon be in your retirement home. King Charles The person had King Charles cavalier Spaniel two times in his life and if loved them enough to get two i'm sure your retirees can to.