Sunday, Decembar 22nd

Christmas in Waumba Land

"God has given a son to us."

The Scoop

  • Who is out this Sunday? I show Arlene, Bob & Angie are out. Anyone else?
  • Room Assignments - You will receive a separate email with your room assignment today.
  • 3:40 Meeting - Please try to be there 5 minutes earlier this week. We will meet in P120
  • Dinner - After service family dinner has been moved to the KidStuf/InsideOut Theater (out the back hall Waumba Land doors)
  • MyChurch blog How to Influence Parents: The Most Overlooked Opportunity. Check it out HERE

Merry Christmas!

The NPCC Christmas Service is officially here. A great way to start the Christmas celebration and spread a little Christmas cheer is to share that the Christmas Care family we sponsored received $790 in gift cards. WOW! That's amazing. Thank you to everyone who participated.

This week we will meet and pray in P120 at 3:40 pm. We are adding a class to every age group and this extra 5 minutes will give us some time to accommodate for the unexpected.

As many of you know, this Sunday is like the Super Bowl of church services for us. Many people will be stepping in our church and dropping their kiddos off in Waumba Land for the very first time. As you prepare for this week, I would love it if we could all read a great article written by Kendra Flemming (Director Of Children's Ministries for all NPM Churches). It's a great reminder of how we can engage with our parents and make an impression that would lead them to come back again and again. You can find that article on the volunteer website. HERE

As a thank you for all that you do week in and week out, don't forget that next week, December 29th is a day off. I hope you enjoy the extra time you have to spend with friends and family.

I am truly grateful to serve with each of you. You are a fun, thoughtful and dedicated group. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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