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Canadian Immigration 2014 vs 2040

Canada has one of the best immigration policies in the entire world. To enter Canada you must achieve 67 points to qualify and enter Canada. The points system is the system Canada uses to accept immigrants. The point system consists of 6 categories and all of those categories add up to 100 points. Canada accepts about 250 000 immigrants annually and the amount of immigrants prevails the number of emigrants and the net migration of 2014 is about 196 362 persons. There are three types of immigrants and Canada looks for 64.9% of the immigrants that they will accept to be Economic immigrants, 24.4% family class immigrants and 10.7% humanitarian immigrants or/and refugees. Canada is a multicultural country so your religion or race doesn't matter in this case. Canada is surviving on Immigrants for a stable economy without them Canada would have a unstable economy.


Canada still remains with one of the best immigration systems though out the world. Some changes have been made to the points system and the immigration system. The new version of the points system has now made it a bit trickier to enter Canada because many people want to enter and Canada wants the most qualified immigrants. They also increased the amount of immigrants they take each year because more and more jobs are being vacant and certain regions of Canada need skilled worked especially doctors and nurses because many people are retiring or already have retires(baby boomers). People with proper qualifications and degrees have an advantage as the points system had added an extra 10 points for the qualifications. Canada's intake for immigrants has rises to 300 000 immigrants annually. Now they are more dependant on immigrants then even before because the birth rate and natural increase rates are falling and without immigrants the economy will start to become weaker. Canada now looks for 70% of immigrants to be economic class immigrants, 22% family class immigrants and 8% humanitarian and/or refugee immigrants.

Canadas population pyramid in 2040 -

Canadian Demography 2014 vs 2040

Canadas total population is 35 434 075. This year the population will increase by about 276 297 or 0.79%. There will be about 357 274 births and 277 399 deaths this year. The natural increase rate is 3.5. Canada has an ageing population and its getting greyer and it will continue to be an ageing population. Canada is in stage 4 of the DTM which means birth and death rates are both low the reasons behind this is family planning, later marriages and empowerment of women.


Canadas population is about 43 041 000. The population has increased by about 8 million. The median age has gone up by 2-3 years. We are still on stage 4 of the DTM and our natural increase rate has gone down and is close to 120 000 persons and the rate is 1.9. The population has turned a bit more grey but noting to over the top. There isn't a drastic change in the birthrate and death rate.

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France vs Canada [2014 vs 2040]


# Increase:

The population will increase by 327 826 or 0.50% in 2014

I predict that the population will continue to increase by about 400 000 in 2040 due to the high birth rate and a small knowledge of family planning etc.

Natural Increase:

807 412

-575 503


231 909

12.1-8.6= 3.5

i predict that the natural increase rate by about .5 or 50 000. It'll will increase due to the birth rates increasing and many women still aren't that aware of over population in France.

Net Migration:


i think that the net migration will increase because the number of immigrants will continue to prevail the number on emigrants by quite a difference.

Growth Rate:


I predict in 2040 the growth rate will increase by about 1.3 (5.9) as more immigrants go there to live and as the birth rate rises.


# Increase

The population will increase by 276 297 or 0.79 persons in 2014

I predict that in 2040 the population will continue to grow due to more immigration because there will be many vacant jobs after 2031 because the baby boomers will start to retire and the population will increase to about 300 000.

Natural Increase:

357 274

-227 339


130 935*


Natural increase= birth rate-death rate

10-7.8= 2.2


I predict that in 2040 the Natural increase will fall only by a little bit due to many women preferring less children.The natural increase rate might be close to 1.9.

Net Migration:

196 362



I think that the net migration rate all increase with the need of more immigrants to make up for the low birth rate and Canada will consist of many immigrants and many different

Growth Rate:

Growth rate= Net migration+Natural increase

2.2+5.7= 7.9


Push Factors: Canada

1. The climate in Canada can get very cold in the winter and also very hot in the summer (also bipolar weather).

  1. 2. Compared to other places Canada has very high taxes and that means whatever you buy there is going to be an additional charge even on buying houses.
  2. 3. Needs a lot of money to settle

Pull Factors: Canada

  1. Free benefits such as health care is given to PRs or citizens which is very helpful because health care is very expensive
  2. Many job opportunities in Canada, which means you, have a better chance of finding a job suitable to you
  3. Canada being a multicultural and a diverse place is a big pull factor because the immigrants won’t feel different and will fit in easier and all races are considered equal.
  4. Some other things are a high standard of living, low crime rate, good education and the education is also free until collage or university.

Push Factors: Canada

1. Inflation will increase meaning the prices will sore high and will make it difficult for un-wealthy people to arrive

2. The process of entering Canada will become more difficult and fewer people will qualify to enter Canada

3. Cities are too overcrowded

Pull Factors: Canada

  1. 1. Canada will still have parts of it under populated
  2. 2. Canada will remain with a high standard of living
  3. 3. Canada will have good health care and a good education system.
  4. 4. Canada will have many job opportunities
  5. 5. Canada will be one of the best suitable countries to live in overall

Push Factors: France

1. Failing schools

2. Very bad traffic conditions

3. High cost of living

4. Over population


Pull Factors: France

1. Great entertainment options

2. Nice weather during the summer, spring and fall

3. Job opportunities

4. Developed country

5. Religious freedom


Push Factors

  1. 1. Harder to enter France (higher restrictions)
  2. 2. Lack of resources
  3. 3. Inflation (rise in prices of houses, food etc.)
  4. 4. Bad health care and education
Pull Factors: France
  1. 1. Developed country
  2. 2. Beautiful place with scenery etc.

Median age, fertility rate & population over 65 now and in 2040 Canada

Median Age Canada

Now: total 41.7

Male: 30.4

Female: 42.9

Future: total 45.3

I think that it will grow because Canada is aging and the median age would be older.

Fertility Rate Canada

Now: 1.59

Future: 1.34

I think that the fertility rate will decrease but not by a lot because more women are educated and are aware of overpopulation and are more work oriented and will focus more on their work and job instead of looking after many kids.

Number of population over 65 Canada

Now: -16.8%

Future: 29.1%

Its predicted that in 2051 ¼ Canadians will be 65+ and over and 11 000 000 is close to ¼ of the population in 2050 and the aging population is growing because the baby boomers will pass the 65 years line.

Median age, fertility rate & population over 65 now and in 2040 France

Median age

Now: 40.9

Future: 40

I think the median age will grow older because there will be more older people then young people as for 2040 because birth rates are decreasing but at a very slow rate.

Fertility Rate

Now: 2.08

Future: 2.03

At this rate the population is replacing itself and in the future and empowerment of women and family planning isn’t widely chosen are popular yet.

% of population over 65

Now: 17.9

Future: 20

France has an ageing population as well as Canada and as the big mass of people start to pass the age of 65 the rate will very slowly continue to grow for a while and then it will balance out.

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